1.  Competition at the Ledyard Fair is open to all; unless otherwise stated. Exhibitors are not limited to Ledyard residents.
2.  Entry fees are charged only when noted under the rules of specific event or competition.
3. Entry times vary for most events and shows. Some require entries as early as Thursday afternoon with judging Thursday evening. Please check specific event or show for information and times.
4.  For awards see specific events, exhibits, and competitions.
5.  Fair prizes are limited to ribbons except as noted. Not all entries will receive awards.
6. Sweepstakes awards shall consist of a Ribbon and cash award. The following exhibits make up the sweepstakes:
Sweepstakes entries along with \Children’s Hobby & Collection will be accepted between 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. Adult hobby and Collection will be accepted between 4-6 pm.  Sweepstakes divisions are open to Adults (over 18), Intermediates (ages 12-17), Juniors (ages 5-11), and Special Entries.  To qualify for Sweepstakes, an exhibitor must have a minimum of 2 entries in any one of the following four exhibits: Baking, Canning, Fruits & Vegetables or Flowers.  Participants must earn at least one blue ribbon in each exhibit. The number of blue ribbons earned by an exhibitor will determine the Sweepstakes placing in each age group for each exhibit. In the case of a tie, the number of red ribbons will determine the winning places.  Exhibitors can qualify for Sweepstakes in all four areas by submitting a minimum of two entries in each area!


Shall Be Awarded As Follows,
except for CLOTHING and HANDIWORK, see that page:

Adult (Over 18)                                 Intermediate (12-17)
1 – Blue Rosette plus $25.00                  1 – Blue Rosette plus $20.00
2 – Red Rosette plus $20.00                   2 – Red Rosette plus $15.00
3 – White Rosette plus $15.00                3 – White Rosette plus $10.00
Junior (5-11)
1 – Blue Rosette plus $15.00
2 – Red Rosette plus $10.00
3 – White Rosette plus $5.00

7.  BEST IN SHOW – A Rosette and a $25.00 will be awarded for Best in Show: • Children’s Hobby & Collection • Adult Hobby • Canning • Clothing And Handiwork • Baking • Flower • Fruits And Vegetables, any one item • Poultry/Fowl • Rabbit/Guinea Pig • Pet.
8.  Ledyard Fair Outstanding Competitor Award.  In order to qualify for outstanding competitor, a contestant must have a minimum of 2 entries in each exhibit and enter at least 3 of the exhibits listed.

Adult (over 18) – Plaque plus $50.00
Intermediate (12 to 17) – Plaque plus $35.00
Junior (5 to 11) – Trophy plus $20.00
(Must exhibit in three or more sweepstakes departments)
Awards will be determined by a point system.
Blue – 3 points •  Red – 2 points  • White – 1 point

9.  All exhibits must be entered under their proper name and must be on Fairgrounds and in place according to the rules of the specific event or competition.
10.  All exhibits will  be given a claim ticket for each entry and the ticket must be presented when entries are claimed.
11. Exhibits must be removed from the fairgrounds at 6:00 p.m., Sunday, unless otherwise noted under the rules of the event. Exhibits on the grounds after 6:30 p.m. on Sunday will be sold for the benefit of the Fair, disposed of or donated unless previous arrangements are made. No vehicles used to pick up exhibits will be allowed on fairgrounds prior to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.
12.  The committee will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur on the grounds.
13.  The Committee will exercise the greatest care to insure the safety of exhibits, but will not be responsible for loss or damage which may occur.
14.  Decisions of judges are final.
15.  Commercial exhibits will be accommodated on the grounds if arrangements are made with the Commercial VP (RICH KENT 860-464-9405) in advance.
16.  All exhibitors are also subject to the rules outlined for each individual department.
17.  Admission fees, according to the posted schedule, will be charged to all persons entering the grounds. Admission of competing animals and their handlers will be arranged by the chairperson(s) of the respective events.
18.  Any situations not covered by these rules shall be left to the discretion of the Ledyard Fair, Inc.
19.  All competitors and contestants will compete at their own risk.
20. No non-entered animals are allowed on the fairgrounds except handicap assistance animals.
21. Ledyard Fair, Inc. reserves the right to make all final decisions that are not covered in the above rules and regulations.
22.  Admission – see separate Admission Policy. Contact Ledyard Fair @ 860-884-5447.