SONY DSCStart : 10:00  Saturday Morning
Susan Main • 860-373-6084
Tony Schramm  • 860-287-9608

P.O. Box 141
North Stonington, CT 06359

You must be pre-entered with entries received by August 18

Livestock and Rabbit Registration

  • A copy of this form will be emailed to you.
  • I have read and agree to abide by the general rules, CT Department of Agricultural Fair and Show Requirements, IAFE By-Laws, IAFE Code of Ethics and the IAFE Show Ring Code of Ethics. I also understand that I will not eat in the barn and I will park in the designated parking locations. For Safety and protections you must clean up after your animal.
    2 Age Groups : 5-10 and 11-18 $10 award each category. Please Check if you will or will not be making a display
  • 4-H clubs and farms are encouraged to decorate their exhibit, keep their area clean and provide the knowledge to the community. $25 awards will be provided for each category and the categories will be:
  • Saturday at 7pm there will be a Pot Luck Dinner for all poultry, livestock and rabbit exhibitors. We are requesting each family to bring either a main dish, fruit, vegetables, or dessert to the dinner. Please enter exhibitors name.
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  • In order to receive a Ledyard Fair Livestock T-shirt, you must pre register. Please select a shirt size