Location – Horse Ring

Co-Chairpersons Samantha Rathke • 860-367-4133 Email: samantharathke88@gmail.com Christine Pacheco • 860- 235-7618

Saturday • 8:00 a.m.

Rules & Regulations Overview

  1.  All horses must have negative Coggins and Rabies at time of show.  2.  Judges decisions are FINAL. 3.  The management reserves the right to combine classes with less than 3 competitors. 4.  There will be no refunds for dropped classes. 5.  Stallions will not be allowed on the show grounds. 6.  Western riders should wear long sleeved shirts, western hats, western slacks or jeans and western boots. Chaps are optional. 7.  English riders should wear a helmet and proper English show attire. 8.  Any sick, dangerous or unruly horses will be excused. 9.  Beginner riders cannot cross enter into any other classes and must be in their first year of showing. 10.  Any horse that kicks should be well marked with a red ribbon in its tail. 11.  Any person showing poor horsemanship or horse abuse will be asked to leave. 12.  Junior riders will be under 18 as of January 2016. 13.  Adult riders will be 18 and up as of January 2016.


Class Entry Cost  Pre-registration: $8 per class

Gamblers Choice: $15 

Classes may be added at show, but must be added at least 2 classes prior to the class being run.

No Vehicles Allowed on Grounds unless transporting horses.

ONLY driver and competitors are allowed free admission.

  • Green  Horse event is open to horses in their first or second year of showing, and can not cross enter into other divisions.
  • Sit-a-Buck class will be a walk, trot, canter. Riders may be bareback or show with a saddle with stirrups taken off. Riders will be given $1 to place under their leg. Judge will decide location.
  • Gambler’s Choice class will be open to all ages and disciplines.
  • Team Class is open to all ages and disciplines. Both riders are to pay the class separately. Each Rider will ride individually, then switch.
  • Grooms Class is open to all. Green Horses cannot be entered in this class. Walk/Trot/Canter will be determined by the judge based on the ability of the riders.

Consumer and Safety Protection

  • Each rider is responsible for his/her own horse and the clean up of said horse.
  • Each rider is to clean up trailer, warm-up, and holding areas after their horse.


Ledyard Fair Open Horse Show

  1. Showmanship
  2. Lead Line (6 and under)
  3. Adult English Pleasure
  4. Junior English Pleasure
  5. Beginner Adult W/T Pleasure
  6. Beginner Junior W/T Pleasure
  7. Green Horse Pleasure
  8. Adult Western Pleasure
  9. Junior Western Pleasure
  10. Adult Open W/T/C Pleasure
  11. Junior Open W/T/C Pleasure
  12. Junior Arena Race
  13. Senior Arena Race
  14. Adult English Equitation
  15. Junior English Equitation
  16. Beginner Adult W/T Equitation
  17. Beginner Junior W/T Equitation
  18. Green Horse Equitation
  19. Adult Western Equitation
  20. Junior Western Equitation

Lunch break

  1. Adult Open W/T/C Equitation
  2. Junior Open W/T/C Equitation
  3. Junior Barrel Race
  4. Senior Barrel Race
  5. Adult English Discipline on the Rain
  6. Junior English Discipline on the Rail 
  7. Beginner Adult W/T Discipline on the Rail
  8. Beginner Junior W/T Discipline on the Rail
  9. Green Horse Discipline on the Rail
  10. Adult Western Discipline on the Rail
  11. Junior Western Discipline on the Rail
  12. Adult Open W/T/C Discipline on the Rail
  13. Junior Open W/T/C Discipline on the Rail
  14. Junior Key Hole

35.Senior Key Hole

  1. Junior Pole Bending
  2. Senior Pole Bending
  3. Team Class W/T/C
  4. Sit-A-Buck W/T/C
  5. Grooms Class
  6. Gambler Choice Barrel Race

Division List

Adult English- 3,14,25

Junior English- 4,15,26

Beginner Adult Walk/ Trot- 5 ,16, 27

Beginner Junior Walk/ Trot- 6 ,17, 28

Green Horse- 7, 18, 29

Adult Western- 8, 19, 30

Junior Western- 9, 20, 31

Adult Open- 10, 21, 32

Junior Open- 11, 22, 33

Junior Gymkhana- 12, 23, 34, 36

Adult Gymkhana- 13, 24, 35, 37